Exclusion Lists

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Alabama Medicaid Suspended Providers (ID=3)
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Excluded Provider List (ID=33)
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Provider Terminations & Active Suspensions (ID=71)
Arkansas Department of Health Services Excluded Provider List (ID=1)
California Department of Health Care Services Suspended and Ineligible Provider List (ID=4)
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Terminations For Cause (ID=55)
Connecticut Department of Social Services Administrative Actions List (ID=5)
Delaware Sanctioned Provider Report
District of Columbia Excluded Parties List (ID=6)
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Medicaid Sanctioned Providers (ID=7)
Georgia Department of Administrative Services Suspended and Debarred Suppliers (ID=39)
Georgia Office of Inspector General Exclusions List (ID=42)
Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Suspended Contractors Ch 104 (ID=67)
Hawaii Med-Quest Excluded Providers (ID=8)
Hawaii State Procurement Office Suspended/Debarred Vendors (ID=68)
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Medicaid Exclusion List (ID=9)
Illinois Healthcare and Family Services Office of Inspector General Provider Sanctions (ID=10)
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Terminated Providers (ID=46)
Iowa Provider Termination and Exclusion List (ID=52)
Kansas Department of Health and Environment Terminated Provider List (ID=40)
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Medicaid Terminated and Excluded Provider List (ID=11)
Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals Adverse Actions List (ID=37)
Maine Office of the Department of Health and Human Services MaineCare Excluded Providers (ID=12)
Maryland Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene MMA Providers & Other Entities Sanctioned List (ID=13)
Massachusetts Health and Human Services List of Suspended or Excluded MassHealth Providers (ID=14)
Michigan Department of Community Health List of Sanctioned Providers (ID=15)
Minnesota Department of Human Services Excluded Provider Lists (ID=36)
Mississippi Division of Medicaid Sanctioned Provider List (ID=16)
Missouri Department of Social Services Medicaid List of Terminated Providers (ID=34)
Montana Dept of Public Health and Human Services Excluded or Terminated Medicaid Enrollment (ID=38)
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (ID=17)
Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Excluded/Sanctioned Providers (ID=18)
New Hampshire Provider Exclusion and Sanction List (61)
New Jersey Medicaid Fraud Division Debarment List (ID=53)
New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller Consolidated Debarment Report (ID=19)
New York Office of the Medicaid Inspector General List of Exclusions (ID=20)
North Carolina Health and Human Services State Excluded Provider List (ID=43)
North Dakota Department of Human Services Provider Exclusion List (ID=35)
Ohio Department of Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Suspension List (ID=21)
Oregon Sanctioned Providers (ID=70)
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Medicheck Precluded Providers List (ID=22)
South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Excluded Providers List (ID=24)
Tennessee TennCare Terminated Providers List (ID=25)
Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of the Inspector General Exclusions (ID=26)
Vermont Medicaid Excluded Provider List (ID=58)
Washington Department of Labor & Industries Debarred Contractors List (ID=69)
Washington Department of Social and Health Services Excluded Providers (ID=45)
Washington Health Care Authority Provider Termination and Exclusion List (ID=27)
West Virginia Medicaid Provider Sanctioned/Exclusion Lists (ID=28)
Wyoming Department of Health Provider Exclusion List (ID=30)
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