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At Verify Comply®, we know that searching for OIG, SAM, and state exclusion is of paramount importance. The OIG routinely updates individuals and entities who are ineligible to receive payment from healthcare programs, and if one of your staff is on the OIG exclusion list, you may not be eligible to receive payment for the services provided and could be subject to civil monetary penalties. So how do you make sure your staff isn’t on an exclusion list?

Verify Comply® offers several exclusion list search options. Our Free Portal™ is a free program that allows unlimited searches for Federal and State exclusion lists – it’s a great fit for small organizations. The next step up is Portal Pro® - our automated monthly exclusion search software. Lastly, our Ultimate™ services give you the freedom to customize the exclusion search solution, and have our staff perform all aspects of the exclusion validation process.

Compliance professionals face many challenges and operate on little to no budgets, so we’ve designed our exclusion search software to be fast, effective, and economical. Our state of the art OIG exclusion list search software’s intuitive program design enables huge efficiencies and in many cases can eliminate the need for paper record archives. Using Portal Pro®, you can upload lists of employees and contractors, and then Portal Pro® automatically checks these values for newly added excluded parties each month. When a false positive match is identified, our software remembers it so you don’t have to review the same false positive matches month after month! If you have big data sets – no problem – Portal Pro® includes utilities that allows you to synchronize your data with new imports.

Using Verify Comply’s exclusion search tools is the smartest and most cost effective method for compliance departments to perform exclusion list searches. The monthly OIG exclusion list checks we provide ensures you meet government standards and avoid the fines & bad press that results from enforcement actions.

If you’re ready to search exclusion lists efficiently, talk to us at 855-937-2872.